Grading Policy

Guidelines and learning objectives are indicated per assignment. Please refer to the class’s ‘Assignments’ page for these details. Course goals are described in the ‘About’ page.

Each assignment generates points, from which an overall class grade is calculated. Final grades are established cumulatively. Students should be aware that gradable components up to mid-semester comprise a portion of the final grade. Thus, grade points up to mid-semester will be estimated to indicate progress.

Late submissions or extensions for submissions must be requested no later than one hour before the due time, in writing. If granted, the assignment grade is subject to between a third and a full letter grade reduction.

F Fail: unsatisfactory, almost always an indication of not enough commitment; incomplete submission and / or 3 or more classes missed.

D- to D: This grade requires, as a minimum, that all project work be completed. Irregular attendance: This grade is automatically issued if more than four classes are missed without a bona fide excuse.

D+: Satisfactory; consistent attendance but minimal effort.

C- to C: Satisfactory to good; consistent attendance and effort.

C+ to B-: Good; consistent attendance and effort; some progress; understanding of fundamental issues.

B to B+: Good to excellent; indication of progress; creative use of fundamental issues; good technique.

A- : Excellent; rarely issued; great effort and progress; creative work; excellent technique and presentation.

A to A+: Excellent; very rarely issued; work displaying great effort, progress, and technique; mature and insightful.

Letter grades may be converted from percentage grades as follows:

F          60% or less
D-        60 – 64
D         64 – 67
D+      67 – 70
C-        70 – 74
C         74 – 77
C+       77 – 80
B-        80 – 84
B         84 – 87
B+       87 – 90
A-        90 – 94
A         94 – 97
A+       97 -100%