Lecture Slides

All classes share the following list of lectures and slides, in varying combinations. If you wish to see a class-specific list, please look a class site’s Lectures or Schedule page (e.g. Intro Photo/Digital > Schedule.

NOTE: all lecture material from this page is only for the use of students taking class with Pradip Malde, and as such may only be accessed with a specific username and password – PLEASE DO NOT SAVE ACCESS CODES ON COMPUTERS. Other links provide supplementary information.

Abbas – website
Thomas Annan – Glasgow Closes (slides)
Robert Adams – ‘What Can We Believe Where?’ (slides)
Stephen Alvarez – Photographer’s website
Diane Arbus – Family Albums (slides)
Wolf Böwig – Photographer’s website –
Annabel Clark – Journal (slides) – Photographer’s website
Bruce Davidson: slides – Slate/Magnum ‘Today’s Pictures’ Series
Bieke Deporteer – Photographer’s website

KayLynn Deveney – Lecture: The Day to Day Life of Albert Hastings – Photographer’s web site
Paul Graham – Europe:America
Charles Harbutt – DeparturesSpaceship Project
Zoltán Jókay – Portraits
Antonin Kratochvil – Photographer’s web site –
Josef Koudelka – Chaos – Gypsies
Sergio Larrain – Aperture Monograph, ed. Agnès Sire, editor [selected images]
Irving Penn: Worlds in a Small Room [slides]
Giles Perress: Telex Iran – interview with Harry Kreisler, UC Berkeley
Farewell to Bosnia [slides]
Anders Petersen: French Kiss [slides]
Stephen Shore [Phaidon Interview/Video] [slides]
Aileen and W Eugene Smith: Minamata – Lecture
Sara Terry: Aftermath –  Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace – Lecture – text from ‘aftermath’ – Photographer’s web site
Jonathan Torgovnik: Intended Consequences – Rwandan Children Born of Rape [slides]
Roger Vail [ web site ]
Anthologies and Surveys:
Early History of Documentary Photography


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