Writing Example Artist Bio and Statement

Sample texts are below for an artist bio and statement. ‘Toro McAlister’ is a fictional character and I apologize if this resembles a real person. The Scottish Museum of Photography is a much-desired dream. The Jill Todd Award is a prestigious annual competition.

Bio(graphies) are written in the third-person.

  • start with your name, what you do, where you are
  • express clearly what your primary interests are
  • describe your primary methods
  • list any achievements, awards and honors

Statements are written in the first-person

  • include a transformative experience that defines your primary interests
  • layout out an overarching philosophic concern in the way you work and the kind of work you do
  • connect your expressive interests to your working methods
  • be passionate but not boastful

Bio (50-100 words)
Toro McAlister is a photographer and culinary writer, based out of Edinburgh, Scotland. His interests include matters of social justice and food stability in inner-city populations. Currently working on a series of documentary photographs made with an 11×14 inch camera, McAlister has invested much of his time in mastering the platinum/palladium printing process. His works are in numerous museums, including the Scottish Museum of Photograpy in Edinburgh, and was 2018 recipient of the prestigious Jill Todd Award.

Statement (100-200 words)
In 2008, I traveled to India, with a team of writers and chefs to prepare a comprehensive book about Indian cuisine. Along the way, we visited a women’s cooperative in Lucknow called SEWA. It was a transformative experience. I spent time with, listened to and photographed women who were redefining their lives. Some of my colleague were anthropologists and social scientists, and I learned about the intricate links between economic vulnerability, social justice and food security. My work has been about these interconnects ever since that trip. I strongly feel that photography is a powerful way of expressing ideas and data, and that it has to be done through well crafted skills. I generate images with equipment ranging from small to large format 11×14 cameras, and prefer working with hand-sensitized photographic materials.