WordPress: User Account Setup for Class Sites

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Site Administrator instructions for user account setups

Account Setup Instructions for posting to WordPress web sites

Some class sites require participants to post to the blog section of the site. This page guides users through the process of setting up user accounts. The following instructions are tailored for doing this in Sewanee’s WordPress setup, but the principles of the process may also be applied to any WordPress setup. See this page if you are a site administrator, and want to know how to set up user accounts.

User Setup

The website Admin will create a user account for you in the site’s setup. You will receive an email, from Class Sites <admin@sewanee.edu> (or something similar), inviting you to complete the account setup for the class web site.

1. Look for an email from the Site admin, e.g. Class Sites <dsyler@sewanee.edu>

2. Click on the second link to activate your user account. Complete the account setup for the class web site by:

a. Making a note of your Username

b. Copying your Password (it is case sensitive and upper case letter ‘o’ looks like this ‘O’ (rounder) than the numeral zero, ‘0’ (narrower)

c. Then, click on the ‘Log In’ link to activate your new class site account

3. You will jump to the login page of the class web site. After entering your username and the password from the email, you should see a blue Log In button. (If you do not, click anywhere in the blank area outside of the white login box, and the Log In button will appear.) Click on this. You will arrive at the site’s administration page, better known as the ‘Dashboard’.

a. In the left column, go to Profile (expand your browser window if you only see icons in the black left-hand column), and complete these details

i. First Name

ii. Last Name

iii. Nickname : sewanee email name without @sewanee.edu

iv. Display name publicly as: First Last name

b. Then scroll all the way down in the main window until you see Account management and in New Password,  click Generate Password, and enter your new password, that is memorable but secure

4. Finally, click Update Profile to save all changes.
Remember to log out if you have finished.

Post-by-email setup

The following steps will switch on a special service in WordPress that lets you create blog posts by simply sending an email. The email’s subject will become the blog post’s title, and all text and even images in the body of the email will be rendered as the post. This approach is especially useful when there is a need for ‘live’ blogging or sending short posts and images from smart phones and tablets.

After setting up this service, it is important that you read about some best practices for writing posts and pages. There is even more information, tips and tricks about posting to wordpress by email here.

1. Login to class site:
<the class site address>/wp-admin
E.g. http://art3.sewanee.edu/humanities233/wp-admin

2. Go to the Profile panel
Scroll down one screen
Click ‘Link account with WordPress.com

3. If you do not have a WordPress.com account*, the jump should automatically go to a ‘Create your account’ page. If you do not see an account creation dialogue, then click in the lower area for a link that lets you do this.

*If you already have a WordPress.com account, then you should click on the lower link ‘Already have an account? Sign in‘, then prompted to login in with your wordpress.com username and password (it will be different from this site username and password), then follow the prompts until you return to the class site. Then, click on the ‘‘Enable Post By Email’

4. Enter the same email address as your Class site account (usually the sewanee email address)

5. Choose a username (this can be anything, but usually your email name (without the ‘@’ and email domain, e.g. @sewanee.edu)

6. Choose a password (this, like all other passwords, should not only be secure, but also unique to this site login)

7. In your notebook, write down

a. the site address (http://wordpress.com)

b. your registration emailusername and password

8. Then click ‘Sign Up and Connect Jetpack

9. In the Completing Connection window, Click ‘Approve

10. After a few moments, you will be returned to the Dashboard of the class site

11. Click Profile

a. Scroll down to Post by Email and click ‘Enable Post By Email

b. You will see a cryptic email address, ending in @post.wordpress.com. Write down the entire address, and/or copy and paste it into your email address book, and name it as something clearly identifiable, e.g. ‘art231_secret’

12. IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and click Update Profile

13. Voila! All email sent to this address transmits automagically to the class site as a blog post. In other words, anything you send to this address will be automatically posted to the web site. Keep the address secret. Add it to your email address book and give it an address name such that it can be easily recalled the moment you create an email.

14. Log out