Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity (COA) is a document that accompanies a work of art. It is usually generated by the author and verifies that the piece was created by them, provides some information about the materials, date of production, and any other backgorund information that may be of use to the collector, and future scholars and conservators. A COA also serves as a proof of purchase and should be passed along to any subsequent owners of the work. A well-documented COA is supplemented by a list of all previous owners and every instance of the piece having been publicly displayed (collectively, this is called the ‘provenance’ of the work).

It is advisable to create template, and then to keep a PDF or hard copy of every completed COA for your records.

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Author’s name, address, contact information

Author Name: Certificate of Authenticity
This <drawing/painting/print etc> by <AuthorName> (catalogue or reference number), titled:
<title of work>
image dimensions: <height x width (x depth if 3D)> cm, was enlargement-printed from the original negative (number 3001211) by Pradip Malde in July, 2019, in Sewanee, TN.
This is a unique, hand-coated platinum-palladium print (in equal amounts of the metal by weight), using the most permanent of photographic processes. The print, on 100% cellulose, Revere ‘platinum rag’ paper, has been processed to the strictest of archival standards, and delivered in pH-neutral first-contact packaging. It is recommended that storage and framing conditions follow standards established by the U.S. Library of Congress and the American Institute for Conservation.
The photograph was made with an 8×10 film camera during a visit to Green River Preserve in June of 2017.
Title passes to purchaser free and clear when full payment has been made for this print. All copyrights and reproduction rights remain with Pradip Malde or his designated agents, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Please inform Pradip Malde of any change of ownership. For current biographic, contact, and technical information please visit the above web site.