Portfolios using Lightroom and WordPress

Modifying WordPress website for portfolio publishing

  1. Login as your username (usually first initial+lastname) or sewanee email address.
  2. Create an ‘About’ page. This will display a brief narrative bio, followed by an up-to-date CV
  3. Create a ‘Contact’ page. this will display a contact form that visitors can use to contact in a secure fashion. Use the ‘add contact form’ button in the page editing menu, be sure to complete the ‘email notifications’ tab.
  4. Go to the Dashboard > Appearance > MENUS panel.i. Create two new menus: ‘Main’ and ‘Class Sites’ii. Make the primary menu ‘Main’ in Manage Locations tab

    iii. Add a custom page link in Main menu to the Doc Photo class site

    iv. Add custom page links to other 263 class sites and Pradip’s site

  5. Go to the Dashboard > Appearance > Widgetsi. remove all widgets but these, arranged in this order: Search, Blog Subscriptions, Archive, Custom Menu (set to ‘Class Sites’)

For publishing portfolios directly from Lightroom’s Web module:

In the Web module, after selecting a Collection (sequenced)

  1. Select Grid Gallery
  2. Complete information forGallery Title, Author and Author URL (your web site)
  3. Leave all other settings at default except:i. Image Info, set Title to Title and Caption to Filenameii. Output Quality to 80

    iii. uncheck Watermarking

  4. Upload Settings:i. FTP Server: Edit…
    insert server name, without http:// or leading slashes
    e.g. blah.blamm.eduii. put in your server username and password

    iii. check Store password in preset

    iv. set Server path without leading slashes to exact folder location of future folio folders e.g.

    v. select proper protocols (ask your host admin to help you here). e.g. for our Sewanee server you will set
    Protocol: SFTP and port: 22

    vi. Save the preset as new preset with a meaningful name, e.g.:

  5. Before each folio upload, in Upload Settings,
    i. Select the above presetii. check Put in Subfolder: and insert a unique name for the folio. Keep it short, no special characters or spaces

    iii. Click Upload.