Publish a Folio from Lightroom to Dropbox

1. In Lightroom: export a web file and save on your hard drive

2. Login to Dropbox via the desktop application
If you don’t have a Dropbox public folder, look up online instructions to create
an account – you should end up with installing Dropbox app on your ‘home’ computer

3. In Finder: Drag exported folder from hard drive into public Dropbox folder (this exported folder should contain the index.html file and all other folders created by LR)

4. Click on exported folder in Dropbox; inside this there should be 2 folders and 1 file. Control-click on “index.html” file. Go down to Dropbox submenu and click on “copy public link”

5. Test site by pasting and loading the URL in a new browser window

6. Use this link by emailing it, or as a URL link in a blog entry, etc.


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