Picter and Lightroom

Export setup from LrC to Picter

In the Library module, select one or more images.

Click on the “Export” button in the lower left area.

Working from the top of the Export panel, set the following:

Export To: Hard Drive

Export Location:
Choose folder later (useful for presets)
don’t check other options
Existing Files: Ask what to do

File Naming
leave all unchecked

leave all unchecked

File Settings:
Image Format: JPEG
Quality: 100
Color Space: sRGB
Limit File Size: uncheck

Image Sizing:
leave all unchecked

Output Sharpening:
leave all unchecked

Include: All Metadata
Remove Personal Info: check
Remove Location Info: check
Write Keywords as Lightroom Hierarchy: uncheck

leave all unchecked

After Processing: Show in Finder
Application: should remain greyed out

Go to the lower are of the left panel, select “Add”
Preset Name: Export for Picter
Folder: User Presets
click “Create” [you have now made a preset for future exports for Picter uploads]

Click “Export” in the lower right area. When the export is complete, a Finder window will open up.