35mm and Roll Film Processing Steps

UPDATED: September 2023

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A. Load film into the tank in total black-out conditions. Keep the loaded tank in your presence until step C.
Remember: When processing just one roll of 35 mm film, slip an empty film spiral (AKA reel) on top of the loaded spiral when inserting into the tank. Use 300 ml when processing one roll. For two rolls of 35 mm in one tank, double the volume of each of the solutions to 600 ml.

B. Prepare the processing solutions and arrange all in a sequence of usage from left to the right. Temperatures for all solutions are 68 °F ± 1.
The volumes listed below are for one roll of film:
300 ml for 35 mm film
500 ml for 120 film

The development time below is for a Developer temperature of 68 °F. Please consult the Time/Temperature Chart for alternative times if the temperature varies. (https://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?doc=timetemp)

Dilutions are:

Presoak / Stop Bath -300 ml  or 500 ml water

DeveloperIlfotec HC: 1 part concentrate solution + 29 parts water
volume for 35 mm film: 10 ml conc. + 290 ml water to make 300 ml
volume for 120 film: 17 ml conc. + 483 ml water to make 500 ml.
Stir gently and set aside.

Fixer Ilford Rapid Fixer: 1 part concentrate + 4 parts water
volume for 35 mm film: 60 ml conc. + 240 ml water to make 300 ml;
volume for 120 film: 100 ml conc. + 400 ml water to make 500 ml.
Stir gently and set aside.

Wetting Agent – Kodak Photo-Flo: volume for 35 mm film:
The exact concentration is not critical. About 5ml conc. + water to make between 300–500 ml
Stir VERY gently and set aside.

Rinse and Wash – About six batches of 300 or 500ml water for the final rinse and each wash sequence in steps 5 and 6.

C. Processing, time in minutes: seconds (00:00)

1.     Presoak ….. continuous agitation ….. 01:00 …. [ put aside after use and save for step 3 ]

2.     Developer ….. Continuous agitation first 50 sec., then for 10 sec. after every 50 seconds. ….. 06:30 ….. [ discard after use ]

3.     Stop Bath ….. continuous agitation ….. 00:30 ….. [ discard after use ]

4.     Fixer ….. continuous agitation for first 60 sec., then for 15 sec. every 15 sec. ….. 05:00 ….. [ discard into fixer disposal trough after use ]

5.     Rinse with fresh water ….. continuous agitation ….. 00:30 ….  [ discard after use ]

6.     Wash with fresh water, in five cycles: the 1st with 5 inversions, then 10, 20, 10, and finally 5 again…… continuous agitation ….  [ discard after each cycle ]

7.     Wetting agent ….. 1 very gentle inversions, then keep still ….. 01:00 ….. [ leave in the tank while removing the film, discard after the film has been hung up to dry ]

8.     Dry ….. Very carefully, ensuring that other film in the cabinet does not come into contact with wet film ….. 2 hours – NOTE: Always open and close the film drying cabinet slowly to minimize dust particles in the air.

9.     Clean up the area.

10.    Cut and file negatives ….. cut film strip into sections: for 35 mm, five frames per strip; for 120, 3 frames per strip. File into sleeves, reading correctly and in number sequence, label the page with your name and the date the roll was unloaded from the camera, and store in a negative storage binder.