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Anderson, Chris and Miller, Jonathan: Hungry in America

Alter, Robert. The Five Books of Moses: The Book of Exodus, W W Norton & Co., NY, 2008 Introduction, ch. 1-2

Barthes, Roland: The Death of the Author

Benjamin, Walter: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Berger, John.

 The Work of Art, John Berger

“Photographs of Agony”, John Berger from The Photography Reader (ed. Liz Wells)

‘The Chorus in Our Heads’, John Berger from Hold Everything Dear

“Once Through A Lens”, John Berger from And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos

“Once in the Highlands”, John Berger from And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos

“Here”, John Berger from And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos (p. 49 – 63)

“Jitka Hanzlová: Forest”, John Berger from Understanding a Photograph

Boot, Chris. Introduction from ‘Magnum Stories”, Chris Boot, from Magnum Magnum

Blakemore, John. Black and White Photography Workshop – Postvisualization: the Print (p. 84-107)

Boyd, Brian: Introduction from On the Origin of Stories: evolution, cognition, fiction

Cartier-Bresson, Henri. essay from “The Decisive Moment”, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Brodsky: Listening to Boredom

Bucklow, Chris. “Eplilogue”, from What is in the Dwat: the universe of Guston’s final decade, Chris Bucklow.

Burgin, Victor: Possessive, Pensive and Possessed – part i – part ii

Calvino, Italo: The Adventure of a Photographer – part i – part ii

Connolly, William. from the ‘Ethos of Pluralization’ by William Connolly

Ctein, Post Exposure: Special Concerns of Variable Contrast Paper Users (p. 139 – 144)

Danto, Arthur C.: The Aesthetics of Brillo Boxes – part i – part ii

Flusser, Vilém. “The Gesture of Photography”, Vilém Flusser, from Towards a Philosophy of Photography

Frank, Robert. “Storylines: Robert Frank” from book by same title

Freud, Sigmund: from ‘On Dreams’, part XII  – part i – part ii

Friedlander, Lee. Interview with Lee Friedlander by David Harris (Excerpt)

Graham, Paul The Unreasonable Apple and Photography is Easy, Photography is Difficult

Gohlke, Frank. Frank Gohlke, Thoughts on Landscape: Grounding One’s Work (1993)

Frederic Gros, A Philosophy of Walking, ch. 24: “Mystic and Politiician: Gandhi”

Grundberg, Andy: Crisis of the Real – part i – part ii

Handke, Peter. “Suggestions for Running Amok” (poem), Peter Handke, from The Lost Origins of the Essay (ed. John D’Agata)

Henderson, Lisa. “Access and Consent in Public Photography”, Lisa Henderson from The Photography Reader (ed. Liz Wells)

Hickey, Dave: Enter the Dragon: on the vernacular of beauty

Hiller, Susan: Collaborative Meaning: art as experience

Ignatieff, Michael. “Is Nothing Sacred? The Ethics of Television”, Michael Ignatieff, from The Warrior’s Honor

Irwin, Robert. “The Desert”, Robert Irwin in conversation with Lawrence Weschler, from Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees, Lawrence Weschler with Robert Irwin

Jurovics, Toby. Framing the West: The survey photographs of T H O’Sullivan, Jurovics, Johnson, Willumson and Stapp

Kafka, Franz. ‘ In the Penal Colony‘ (1919)

Kiefer, Anselm. address, Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, 2008

King, Martin Luther. ‘Birth of a Nation‘ (1957) [audio] [text]

Kunitz, Stanely. “Co-signers of a Covenant: snakes”, Stanley Kunitz with Genine Lentine, from The Wild Braid

Linfield, Susie.

“The Ethics of Vision”, Susie Linfield, from My Brother’s Keeper: Documentary Photographers and Human Rights

A Little History of Photography Criticism; or, why do photography critics hate photography?“, from The Cruel Radiance: photography and political violence

Lowe, Paul, news and documentary photographer talks with podcaster, Ben Smith on A Small Voice part 1

Marcus, George E. “Experts, Reporters, Witnesses: The Making of Anthropologists in States of Emergency”, George E. Marcus from Contemporary States of Emergency: the politics of military and human interventions

Martin, Rosy and Spence, Jo: Photo-Therapy: psychic realism as a healing art?

Martin, Agnes: Beauty is the Mystery of Life

McLuhan, Marshall: The Medium is the Message

Nesbit, Obrist and Tiravanija: What is a Station

Obrist, Hans Ulrich. “The Land”: Rikrit Tiravanija, 2003 from Docments of Contemporary Art: Utopia, ed/ Richard Noble

Penn, Irvin “Worlds in a Smalle Room”, Irving Penn

Piper, Adrian: Notes on Funk I-II

Rosler, Martha. “In, Around, And Afterthoughts (on documentary photography)”, Martha Rosler from The Photography Reader (ed. Liz Wells)

Saussure, Ferdinand de: from Course in General Linguistics: Language as organized thought coupled with sound

Scott, James C. “State Space: zones of governance and appropriation”, from The Art of Not Being Governed: an anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia, James C. Scott

Sontag, Susan: Regarding the Pain of Others, ch. 1

Sontag, Susan. Introduction from ‘On Photography’, Susan Sontag

Sontag, Susan: ‘Photography Within the Humanities’

Szarkowski, John. Introduction to “The Photographer’s Eye”, John Szarkowski, from ‘The Photography Reader’ ed. Liz Wells

Talese, Gay. “The Art of Non-Fiction”, Interview with Gay Talese, Katie Roiphe, Paris Review #189, Summer 2009

Tucker, Anne Wilkes. Introduction, and “The Museum Context”, Anne Wilkes Tucker, from Witness In Our Time (ed. Ken Light)

UN Declaration of Human Rights

Vollman, William T. “Under the Road (everywhere)”, from Poor People, William T. Vollman

Wells, Liz “Thinking About Photography”, Liz Wells(ed), from Photography: A critical introduction

Landscape: time, space, place, aesthetics“, from Land Matters: landscape photography, culture and identity, Liz Wells.

Sense of Location: topography, journey, memory“, from Land Matters: landscape photography, culture and identity, Liz Wells.

Whitman, Walt. ‘Song of the Open Road‘ (1900)


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