Final Cut Pro: Basic Slide Show

Final Cut Pro 7 (Studio 3)

Basic FCP startup – [from Prof. Greg Pond’s class material ]

attach and turn on all external hardware before launching FCP- cameras, hard drives, etc…

1. Always reset scratch discs before you start editing in the Systems Settings section of the Final Cut Pro (FCP) drop down menu.
2. Be sure and set the three checked items ( video capture, video render, and audio render) on the top row of the large rectangle and the Waveform Cache, Thumbnail Cache, and Autosave Vault all to the specific project folder (one for each assignment) on your hard drive.
3. Create a new folder for each project and store all of the FCP files in that project’s folder.
4. Copy/transfer all files you will use for your project that you are not capturing directly from a camera or other device- audio, video, .jpeg etc… into your project folder prior to editing with them.

Basic Slide show setup
1. Menu FCP > Audio/Video … > tab: Summary

sequence preset: Apple ProRes 422 HQ 1280×720 60pix 48 K
 Capture preset: Generic capture templates
 Device Control Preset: Non-controllable
 Video: Digital Cinema Desktop Preview – Main
 Audio: Default
Click Create Easy Setup… and name and describe as Basic Slide show for cinema projection

2. Change the still/freeze time to how long you want the default slide duration:

Menu FCP > User Preferences > tab Editing > Still/Freeze Duration: 5 to 10 seconds

3. Create a New project

organize your project by creating at least one new bin called ‘Images’
save the project and name it
check that the project is being saved on your external hard drive in the appropriate folder

4. Import the stills (created by Lightroom) into FCP > Images bin
5. Choose the transition:

Browser > Effect tab > Video transitions
Adjust duration time of transition if necessary

6. In Browser, select all images and drag to the RIGHT side of Canvas. Keep holding the selection. Drag into pop-up box called “Insert with Transitions.”


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