WordPress: Posting by email

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Guidelines for Posting by email

Here are some guidelines for composing an email to post to the class web site.

Create a new email, addressed to the special email generated by WordPress when you completed the Posting by Email setup.

Subject: … this will become the title of the blog post.
Make the Subject header descriptive of the content but short, ideally no more than 30 characters. Blog post titles (the email subject header) should
draw the reader’s attention, and be in accord with the content of the post.
Subject titles should also be singular – avoid duplicating the titles of previous posts, avoid words that may already be used by built-in indexing systems such as Categories and Tags.

Example of a good post title: Camp Discover Field Trip Checklist
Not a good title: Our checklist for tomorrow

Body: … this will become the content of your blog post.

  1. In the email body (the main message area of the email), begin with a Category code so that the post may be grouped with similar content.

e.g. [category journals]

Include the brackets, no space between the first bracket and the word ‘category’, follow with a space, then the category name. You can only use categories that have already been set up on the blog. Look at the class blog’s side bar to see a list of categories.

There is more information, tips and tricks about this here.

More than one category is not recommended, but if you must, then it should be separated by commas.

2. Follow the category entry with 1 or more images*, if you wish. Be sure to type a short caption or title below each image.

*This is not essential to know if you are using smartphone photographs: Images must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. Most camera and smartphone default modes create images in JPG format. The ideal file size should be around 200 to 500 Kb. File dimensions should be between 400 and 600 pixels wide.

3. Enter the text. Please check with great care for typos and grammatical errors. Read the text out aloud, ideally to someone else, before you send the email.

4. Send your email! It can take as much as a minute to actually show up on the blog.

5. To modify, or create, a blog post, login to the site by entering the site URL followed by ‘/wp-admin’ e.g. https://classes.sewanee.edu/art123/wp-admin.

Click on the little ‘push pin’ icon on the left column. Select ‘Add new’ or select ‘All Posts’ then the post you wish to modify. Always remember to click the ‘Publish’ button when ready to publish. If you want to just save the post as a draft, select ‘Save Draft’.


Last Modified: 1.11.2017