Honor Code

The pledge each student makes is founded on the ethic of reciprocity and by extension on the most fundamental principles of human rights. It is expected that all work in this course is carried out with honesty, respect for self and others, and full accreditation when necessary. This includes a thorough acknowledgment of collaborators, full permission and subject releases by people in photographs and quotes from interviews, and citations of any work that has any visible influence on assignments.

Violations of the Honor Code include submitting work done for other courses towards graded assignments for this course, providing misleading and dishonest reasons for missing class and community partner meetings, photographing a person when he/she/a guardian of a minor has specifically denied permission to be photographed, and presenting a work that is derived from images authored by others without acknowledging so.

It is understood that studio, and particularly field-based, work often highlights ethical ambiguities, and there are times when one acts or has to respond to rapidly shifting situations without fully considering or being aware of the repercussions. It is always helpful to seek advice when one is uncertain about the Honor Code in such situations. A student should not hesitate in approaching the instructor if there are any questions about actual or hypothetical situations in relation to the Honor Code.