About ART 361 Spring 2023

The course builds on prior experience and concentrates on any combination of medium- to large-format wet-lab photography. Class assignments and discussions are shaped around self-defined projects. The close viewing and analysis of photographic works inform the creation of a portfolio of prints.

The course goals include producing a substantial portfolio of photographic prints. The portfolio is thematically defined. The sequence of images is also intentionally established. The portfolio is accompanied by a statement that presents and analyses the themes, sequence, and materiality of the work.

The course objectives are

  • Work with traditional, film and wet-lab materials and equipment
  • Enhance current photographic skills
  • Design a self-defined theme for a portfolio/body of work
  • Research a theme
  • Learn how to meld themes, topics, and narratives
  • Formulate insights by recursively photographing and reviewing work in progress
  • Create a presentation of the project portfolio
  • Foster public discussions and outcomes

A primary external hard drive, with min. 300 MB of space
A backup drive with double the capacity of your primary drive
A camera kit
optional: a laptop

All camera and darkroom equipment and materials will be provided as a part of the course fee.

The course text is:
Malde, Pradip and Mike Ware, “Platinotype,” Routledge, 2021