Schedule 2020 Spring

COVID-19 ADJUSTMENTS: Please see the updated Assignments/Grading and Self-Defined Project pages. Jump to March 31, 2020

Class meetings via are on Tuesday and Thursday, from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM, CST unless otherwise noted. One-to-one meetings with student and instructor will be scheduled as indicated below. Additional instructions and communications about class schedules and events will occur by Slack no later than noon on the Friday before that class.

All changes due to COVID-19 are indicated in bold.

Art 331: Advanced Digital Art — UPDATED on March 26, 2020

NOTE: This Schedule is subject to significant changes during the first week of class, after which, minor adjustments may be made, but always no later than 24 hours prior to the altered class. 

Class meetings are on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM, in Carnegie 311. There will be occasions when class meeting locations are elsewhere – please check the following schedule on the morning of each meeting for up-to-date location announcements. Only exceptions to the normal times will be noted below in bold.

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Assignments + Reading and Viewing

Online material or resources are indicated by a link, and in almost all cases will require a username and password which will be emailed to each student by the start of the semester.

NB: All Reading, Viewing and Photographic assignments are to be completed outside of formal class time, and prior to the date where they are listed.

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 Tuesday Jan 14

Please come to class with notebooks. No other equipment is needed.

Introduction: areas of interest, course expectations, project reviews, final outcomes

Conversation about project design

Core skills: digital asset management, image manipulation, input methods, and output  procedures

Thursday Jan 16 

Continue with discussion of course expectations

Class blog and posting, and establish a roster for posting class notes

Tuesday Jan 21

Scanning protocols and methods: please come to class with material (reflective or transparent) – Scanning Instructions

Thursday Jan 23

Photography protocols and methods: please come to class with a memory card or smart phone. BRING ALL NECESSARY CHARGING CABLES AND READERS. Know how to connect your devices to an Apple computer before coming to class!

Friday Jan 24, 5:00 P.M. — Highlander Libraries, panel discussion and reception, University Art Gallery [required attendance]

Tuesday Jan 28

Digital asset management: Lightroom

Thursday Jan 30

Continue with Lightroom

Tuesday Feb 04

Image manipulation: Photoshop

Thursday Feb 06

Continue with Photoshop

Tuesday Feb 11 – Pradip Away

Class discussion about individual projects, work in small groups of three. 

1. Work in groups of three (but four in two cases)

2. Spend about 15 minutes per person discussing your semester-long Self-Defined project.

3. Use the last 20 minutes of class writing a 1-page (150 words) description of the project, clearly stating a title, an outline (e.g., an overarching, cohesive idea that runs through the work), your goals (what you expect to learn from doing this), and what form the final project will take (e.g. a set of prints, book, exhibition, web site etc.).

Send this to the instructor in the text of an email (no attachments) by the end of class, with the email subject: Self-Defined Project

Thursday, Feb 13

Discussion of individual projects, and project reviews

Tuesday Feb 18


Thursday Feb 20


 Tuesday Feb 25

Review of individual projects: 2 to 3 minutes per person

Establish a series of goal dates

Note the four interim reviews on designated dates

Instructions on submitting five blog posts before, during and after each of the interim reviews and the final review.

Thursday Feb 27

Instructions on giving an interim review presentation and submitting blog posts

 Monday Mar 02 – Mid-semester

Tuesday Mar 03 – INTERIM REVIEWS

See Interim Review Guidelines

Thursday Mar 05- Tutorials

Tuesday Mar 10 – Tutorials

Thursday Mar 12 – SPRING BREAK


Thursday Mar 26- CLASS CANCELLED

Tuesday Mar 31

Zoom meeting with the whole class at 11:00 CST. See your email for a meeting invite. All subsequent classes will be via invites to a Zoom meeting.

Each class will be recorded, and the password-protected recording available only to this class.

Familiarization with Zoom and Picter

Division of class into two groups, 0 and 1 (why 0 and 1? … this is a digital art class).

Discussion of the adjusted Assignment and Grading guidelines

Discussion about the Self-defined Project, and how we will presentation ongoing and final work on the Picter web site.

Thursday Apr 02- Tutorials, group 0 – 

Tuesday Apr 07 – Tutorials, group 1

Thursday Apr 09 – FINAL INTERIM REVIEWS, group 0

Tuesday Apr 14– FINAL INTERIM REVIEWS, group 1

Thursday Apr 16– Final Tutorials, both groups

Tuesday Apr 21

PRESENTATIONS – 5 minutes + 5 minutes questions

Thursday Apr 23

PRESENTATIONS – 5 minutes + 5 minutes questions

Tuesday Apr 28

Last Class – reviews of presentations – Entire Class to be Present. Class Party, z00mmm