Photography, Environment, and Community

Evans Ousley, Sewanee class 2019, carrying out a photographic survey of Celine and Simone’s Farm, Bois Jolie, Haiti, March, 2016

Study Documentary Photography and Photography for Environmental and Social Impact
May-June, 2018 in Haiti and Grundy County, TN
2-course (8-hour) credit (Art and Environmental Studies)

This program is about how photography may be enfolded into practices and methods that lead to social change. The program combines introductory and advanced level documentary photographic practices with field based studies of social needs and impact on the environment. Students are introduced to the relationship between the environment and social behavior. They learn how photographic practices may contribute to the design of effective, sustainable, and engaged solutions for environmental and societal concerns. Participants enroll in two courses: Art 263 or 363: Documentary Photography and Environmental Studies 263: Photography in Environmental and Social Impact.

The program is taught from mid-May through the end of June, spending 3 weeks in Haiti and 3 weeks in Grundy County, TN. There are no pre-requisites, but enrollment is by permission based on the application process. The program and courses are led by Professor Pradip Malde with a series of guest speakers. Material will be taught through traditional classroom-based lectures, extensive field work, and some home-stays.

For more information please contact Pradip Malde.